Nashville Reconnecting with DeMolay

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The DeMolay Foundation’s first Reconnecting with DeMolay gathering will be in Nashville, Tennessee on October 19, 2019 at the Al Menah Shrine, Saturday, 6:30 pm.  Grand Master Whitaker will be attending.  He targeted his goal to strengthen alumni relations.  This … Continued

Pennsylvania’s Keyman University

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Pennsylvania DeMolay’s Keyman University is a week-long program that imbues leadership, brotherhood, and character to each member. The program covers many aspects – the benefits underlying ritual performance, philosophies of communication, humor, and specific leadership skills.  The Keyman University utilizes a … Continued

The DeMolay Museum

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DeMolay’s 100 year heritage comes to life in its DeMolay Museum.  In 2019, the DeMolay Foundation initiated efforts to create a history museum that links Kansas City, Masonry, and DeMolay.  The Foundation, as owner of most of the DeMolay artifacts, … Continued

Great Plains DLC

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The Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Camp is the grand-daddy of all of our youth leadership camps.  With four different leadership tracks, the camp provides detailed instruction on the skills your young man needs to excel.  DeMolay prides itself on being … Continued