Foundation Grants $69,000 to DI

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The DeMolay Foundation announces a payment of $69,000 to DeMolay International as part of its Pillars of Charity Program. The Pillars of Charity funding efforts closed in 2018. This payment brings the total funded by the Foundation to date under … Continued

Camps Planning Digital Activities

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The corona virus is affecting the Leadership Camp’s planning modes for 2020, who are looking at alternative digital options should the respective governors continue the shelter in place directives. The Leadership Academy grants by the Foundation were intended to support … Continued


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George Braatz, Foundation Trustee, receives the $100,000 check from John Logan, Executive Director, and Secretary Robert G. Davis The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma stepped up for DeMolays everywhere by extending a $100,000 Leadership Gift to the DeMolay Foundation Second … Continued

April 1st Scholarship Deadline

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The deadline to apply for a DeMolay Foundation scholarship is rapidly approaching — April 1st. You can download the application form by ticking here.  2020-Foundation-Scholarship Be sure to carefully complete the application as the Committee is very strict on satisfying … Continued

Scottsdale Meeting

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The DeMolay Foundation Trustees conducted their annual mid-winter meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona January 23-25. The Foundation hosted the DI line officers, Grand Master Whitaker and Claudia, Grand Senior Bohn, Grand Junior D’Aguanno and Tammie as well as Executive Director Moore. … Continued


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The DeMolay Foundation Board of Trustees voted unanimously to fund DeMolay’s new Membership Services Program for 12 months. The program will provide two regional representatives, working half-time, to support their respective territories.  The representatives will be college level Senior DeMolays … Continued

Harrisburg and Nashville Events

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Senior DeMolays from the Nashville and Harrisburg areas enjoyed an evening of reconnection with DeMolay.  At Nashville, Brother Austin Whitaker hosted a group of about 20 alumni. Grand Master Whitaker made it a special night with his welcoming presentation.  We … Continued