One major focus of the DeMolay Foundation is to help members of DeMolay pursue higher education by granting scholarships to the members of DeMolay. In 2019, there were 22 recipients from 17 states, and the accumulated GPA of the applicants was 3.6. To learn more about our scholarship, and other scholarships for DeMolays, click here.

Another main program of the Foundation is owning and maintaining the Henry E. "Hank" Stickney Service and Leadership Center. This is home to the main office of the DeMolay Foundation and DeMolay International, and also houses records, art, and DeMolay antiques and artifacts. The DeMolay Hall of Fame, tributes to past Congress Officers and past Grand Masters, communications between President Truman and Dad Land, and the DeMolay Mickey Mouse picture are some of the great items found here. It is also home to an exact recreation of Dad Land's original office and features memorabilia and personal items of Dad Land.

Other programs include the funding of an adult training program, providing more funding for DeMolay Leadership Conferences across the country, and growing the overall endowment of the Foundation to eventually self fund DeMolay operations.