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The DI staff in Kansas City, including the interns and Past Grand Master Patterson, have worked hard over the last few months to inventory and preserve the DeMolay artifacts. UV-resistant materials have been used to house the many, historical paper materials. Also, they have developed the themes that we are featuring. And yes, there is much more to be done.  This week's post features DeMolay's own presidential library.

Let's start with President Harry Truman.  Here is a video, via YouTube, of founder Frank Land and President Truman presenting a Kansas City leader an award.

It is no wonder that Dad Land became "Dad" to so many; his engaging voice is reflected in this video.

Truman's oval office desk sported his now famous motto:  "The Buck Stops Here!" He was, in fact, a President called upon to make important decisions that vaulted the United States to worldwide prominence, carrying forard the Franklin Roosevelt legacy.  Truman made the decision to bring World War II to a decisive end with the bomb.  He increased the minimum wage and stood firm supporting the advancement of African American rights.  And he engaged the Korean conflict.

Dad Land eventually served as a trustee for the Harry Truman Presidential Library.  The archives include many signed letters from Truman, as President, to Frank Land as well as art work and Masonic jewelry.

The Lincoln - Douglas Debates.  Perhaps the most significant debate in American history, it was for a senatorial seat in Illinois between incumbent Stephen A. Douglas and challenger Abraham Lincoln. And it ultimately led to the oval office.  The main issue, in all seven of the debate series, was slavery.  The DeMolay Museum is honored to have received this part of a tree under which the Lincoln Douglas Debates took place.


Part of a tree under which the Lincoln Douglas Debates took place.

President William J. Clinton.  Brother Bill Clinton, an Arkansas DeMolay, served two full terms as the 42nd President.  He is a PSMC Arkansas, and after his term, he continued to visit other jurisidictional conclaves around the country.  During his Presidential term, Brother Bill became the President that balanced the budget, and he even left social security flush with cash.  He left office with the highest approval rating of any President since World War II.

Bill Clinton
Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt.  Teddy Roosevelt served as the 26th President.  Of Rough Rider fame, his "square deal" term was progressive, supporting national parks, average citizens, and trust-busting.  He was Harvard-educated and an active Master Mason.

White House brick

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