Reconnecting with DeMolay

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About 15 years ago, DeMolay International's computer system suffered a major crash, and with that event literally 50 years of DeMolay alumni information was forever lost.  The DeMolay Foundation is excited to announce that it is commencing a series of social events designed to reconnect our lost brothers.  Currently we are planning events in Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and Oklahoma.  Expect these in October, followed in November with even more states!  Please watch for your invitations, which will be directed to the cities involved.  The series will extend over a year-long time, so we will try to host in every city where there is a good DeMolay cluster.

Grand Master Whitaker is strongly behind our program.  Join us for an evening of fun!




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  1. Bennett Harness

    Anything going on in San Diego CA? I’d like to go to that.
    I’m a DeMolay alum.

    • admin

      Thee are Chapters. Be sure to update your info on our web site so you will be on the invite list when we come to San Diego!

  2. Justin Cook

    I would like to volunteer to lead an event in New York’s Capital Region after the 1st of the year.

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